Our customers and families are at the core of every decision we make, and in effort to protect you and our employees; our show room is OPEN, but our staff is taking certain COVID-19 precautions. Please WEAR A MASK, and ONLY 3 CUSTOMERS are allowed in the showroom at a time. 

If you are running fever or have a cough.......DO NOT ENTER.

Appointments are available upon request........Call / TEXT us at (662) 286-0133 to schedule your appointment. 

Follow us on social media for new arrivals and all COVID-19 updates. 

As always, we appreciate you and stay safe!

-Corinth Jewelers Staff

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Our Team

Owner, Trish Parks, has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years in Corinth, Mississippi. Trish heads up an all-female staff at her store and cites her staff's ability to relate to each and every customer as one of the cornerstones of her success. She has spent years building a team of professional, friendly and knowledgeable employees. Trish's staff is a well-rounded, unique group of women with different personalities and their own sense of style.

Without intention Trish complied a group of women who not only embrace their female tendencies, but when put to use in business, end up driving the success of the store.

Corinth Jewelers